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Get selling today — no listing fees or hidden costs. Final sale fees at 8% incl. transaction fees.

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Free to use

No social media accounts required to register an account.

Competitively low fees

Our aim is to build a cost-effective marketplace and bring this benefit to you.

Innovating fast

We're constantly striving to improve the fundamentals and we do it fast.

How it Works


List your stuff 🚀

Skip the negotiations and specify your accepted price for your stuff. Items are listed at the maximum value specified with offers within range accepted automatically.

listing flow

Listing an item on Snapped is simple and easy. You only need one photo per listing though the more detail the better.

🛍️ Explore the marketplace

While you wait for your packages to deliver or your items to get snapped up - why not take a look at the other items listed on the market place.


Less friction; less fees 💸

Listing items on the marketplace is as easy as it gets — snap some photos and upload. No listing fees or hidden costs.

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Snapped is a platform built for people first. It's a small self-funded project.

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